IdealWorld- Auxiliary Proposals

Stopping Crimes Against Women

To stop the increasing crime against women the government might start a pilot project in the major cities by providing a phone app that will send out its position to the official authorities in case of emergencies who should be legally bound to provide relief within a stipulated time frame.

Governmental Files

All governmental files should be digitised and stored in a secure cloud storage for eternal reference,


what if the curriculum studied at school is supplemented by suitable edutainment programs. Let me illustrate with an example. suppose a school board guideline, if adhered to, is to teach about africa in geography in a certain week and in that weekend a program is run involving choota bheem(an extremely popular animated character in India) and his escapades in africa in which all the essentials of the curriculum are very intelligently integrated.


Broadband internet services must be recognized as an essential service which will help the unemployed global and national youth in the spirit of enterprise as they can then setup online syndicate of skilled persons and lead more productive lives and the governments should should fund such initiatives with employment schemes.

Election Funding

this idea is a derivative one. all corporates should pay a surcharge to the election commission  and then the election commission will distribute a percentage of that amount to all candidates running for election, equally.this will help to increase equality between contending contestants.also all candidates must be legally bound to fulfill election promises upto a certain extent.


Investments should be made in the fields of eco-friendly technology, especially in the field of solar energy and research should be concentrated in these directions.


In the current prevalent state of education in india, quality education has become an extremely expensive affair.All schools should be provided with broadband and projectors. They should tie-up with foreign universities and regular seminars should be held. Due to the high student-presenter ratio teachers should refine and filter the queries of the students.

Ideal World:Core Proposals

Ideal World:Core Proposals

Our suggestions to create an IdealWorld are:

1)World Federalism: We can launch a global online initiative in which ordinary people can draft a proposed world federalism constitution and then present it to the various governments and perhaps even the united nations
Proposed clauses:
The UN Security Council should be expanded to 10 members with inclusion of Brazil,India,Japan,Germany and one democratic country from Africa.In the future the need may also arise to turn the total sovreignty of members into partial supra-national sovreignty where a law would require the consent of 7 of the 10 Security Council members and the veto power should be discarded.

2) E-Governance: All governmental functions and paperworks can also be done via internet.Similarly all governmental info will be available in the net in the respective websites.

3) Innovator Patronage: The Government should financially support creative individuals in diverse fields( in both arts and science) based on the input of the leading figures of the field .

4) Prevention of Corruption: An Authority should be setup to punish and prevent unethical practices in private organizations.

5) Sting Operations: The government should allow and even encourage sting operations even by individuals with a nominal financial incentive if they have authentic evidence.

6) Transparency in Party Funds: Total transparency in party funds should be made mandatory as this is a vital field where corruption breeds.

7) NGO’s: We should team up with organizations dedicated to causes like environment, human rights and animal welfare and mental patients and implement their rightful demands.

8) Education: No two individuals are the same.They vary in their likings,aptitudes and various other things.The conclusion that therefore the education they should receive should also vary is only logical.This is what we call individual based education.The schoolsshould have highly qualified trained psychologists who are at the same time experts in a particular subject.They will keep a tab on a students mental progress and aptitudes and the education that the student receives would depend on it so that the student’s potential is realised to the fullest in accordance to his likings,aptitudes and inclinations. The society should be molded in a way that honesty and merit results in a higher social status, not power and wealth.Computer training should be a must in all levels in the education system so that everyone can at least use a computer and surf the net.

9)  Finances: All these will require huge funds. We should issue id cards to all individuals which would contain their fingerprints, retina scan and voice scan and all such cards will have an unique identifier chip. along with this card a machine should be distributed which can read these cards. Now all financial transaction will be done digitally using these cards and machines which will be stored in a financial database via wi-fi and paper money will be discarded.Suppose a person wishes to pay another person he will take his cardand will use the reading machine of person b and the card will only be activated for the money transfer after passing the fingerprint retina and voice scan of person a which will be stored in the chip.This willresult in the elimination of black money and all financial misdeeds and all transactions will be available and recorded for theorists andexperts.
10) Voting: As pointed out by Priyodarshan Bhattacharya-the above stated identification and money transfer system can also be extended to the voting of members of various government bodies by the concerned voters.One can dial a specific number on the card reader after the card has been activated and punch in a particular number to access a specific server and cast his vote within a stipulatd period of time. Not only will this save a huge amount of financial and other resources but will also ensure more involvement of citizens as they will be able to cast their vote securely and according to their conveniance.

Please note that some of our proposals may have been discussed before and we do not claim any exclusivity.We recommend that our proposals be implemented srictly under democratic/prevalant and customary means as enumerated by the constitution of the respective country.